Face Mask Patient Notice July 2021

From 19th July, when legal requirements to wear face coverings are lifted, please be aware that all visitors to the practice will still be asked to wear face coverings.  We are very grateful for your understanding and support to continue to do this.  The main purpose of using a face covering is to protect other people from you and not to protect yourself from others.  As you can imagine, in a GP practice, we see many patients every day who are clinically vulnerable, frail or who have long term conditions which would put them at higher risk of complications from Covid infection.  Therefore we have to put these measures in place to protect all of our patients, as well as our staff as we would struggle to provide ongoing services to patients if our staff had to isolate.  If you have declared yourself as exempt from mask wearing for medical reasons then we have some visors that we can lend to you for the duration of your visit.

We understand that it is not pleasant wearing face coverings and it would be lovely to be in situation where we no longer have to do this.  However, our priority is maintaining health, wellbeing & safety for everyone and as cases are rising significantly in the community we feel that the measure of continuing to wear face coverings in the practice is an essential one.  If you feel unable to wear your own face covering or to borrow a visor from the practice then we support our staff in declining to see you face to face for your appointment.

We are extremely grateful for your ongoing support through these challenging times.